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Qs Ranking by subject, 2023
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Research Projects
Engin Tanık (Chair), PhD ODTÜ, 2007
Prof. Dr.
Machine Theory and Dynamics Divison (Head)
Phone  (312) 297 62 08 / 122
E-Mail  etanik@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page  //yunus.hacettepe.edu.tr/~etanik
Room  A-317
Interest Compliant and rigid-body mechanism design.  Mechanical design. Electric Vehicles.

S. Çağlar Başlamışlı (Vice Chair), PhD Boğaziçi U., 2007
Prof. Dr.
Automotive Division (Head)
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 130
E-Mail  scaglarb@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page  //yunus.hacettepe.edu.tr/~scaglarb
Room  A-310
Interest  Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics Control and Estimation,  Vehicle Design, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Control Theory

Volkan Parlaktaş (Vice Chair), PhD ODTÜ, 2007
Prof. Dr.
Machine Theory and Dynamics Division
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 121
E-Mail  volkan@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page //yunus.hacettepe.edu.tr/~volkan/
Room  A-315
Interest  Compliant and rigid-body mechanism design, Electric cars, Mechanical design, Finite element method

Mehmet Nurullah Balcı (Summer Practice Coordinator),  PhD METU, 2018

Assist. Prof. Dr. 

Mechanics Divison

Phone 0 312 297 6208/147
E-Mail mehmetbalci@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page https://balcihacettepe.wixsite.com/dr-mehmetbalci
Room A-429

Interest Solid Mechanics, Analytical Methods in Engineering, Computational Methods in Engineering, Contact Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Machine Design

Ramin Barzegar,  PhD METU, 2019
Assist. Prof. Dr.
Phone 0 312 297 6208
E-Mail raminbarzegar@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page
Room A-423

Interest Internal Combustion Engines, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Coal and Bio-coal Combustion Analysis

Can U. Doğruer, PhD ODTÜ, 2009
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Machine Theory and Dynamics Division
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 119
E-Mail  cdogruer@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page  //yunus.hacettepe.edu.tr/~cdogruer
Room  A-311
Interest Structural dynamics, Control systems, Optimization, Robotics

Özgür Ekici, PhD The University of Texas at Austin, 2007
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Thermodynamics Division (Head)
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 149
Room  A-309
Interest  Modeling of multi-mode, multi-scale heat transfer and fluid flow, applications of computational fluid dynamics

Okan Görtan , Dr.-Ing. TU Darmstadt, 2014
Assist. Prof. Dr. -Ing.
Automotive Division
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 159
E-Mail  okangortan@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page
Room  A-321
Interest  Metal forming, metal forming tribology, metal fatigue, finite element analysis, plasticity

Selçuk Himmetoğlu (Erasmus Co-ordinator), PhD Loughborough U., 2008
Assist. Prof. Dr.
Machine Theory and Dynamics Division, Automotive Division
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 123
E-Mail  s.himmetoglu@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page
Room  A-319
Interest   Computational multi-body dynamics, human-body modelling, injury biomechanics, anthropomorphic test devices (dummies), vehicle restraint systems, kinematics and dynamics of robotic mechanical systems

Benat Koçkar, PhD Texas A&M, 2007
Prof. Dr.
Construction and Manufacturing Division (Head)
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 129 Room  A-312
Interest   Shape memory alloys, mechanical microstructure characterization.

Murat Köksal,  PhD Dalhousie U., 2001
Prof. Dr..
Energy Division (Head)
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 115
E-Mail  koksalm@hacettepe.edu.tr
Room  A-318
Interest  Fluidization, multiphase flow systems and thermal-fluids problems related to energy conversion systems

Emir Kutluay Dr.-Ing. TU Darmstadt, 2012
Assist. Prof. Dr. -Ing.
Automotive Divison
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 138
E-Mail  kutluay@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page
Interest  Vehicle modeling and testing, validation of simulation models, vehicle dynamics, active safety systems, driver assistance systems, military applications

Bora Maviş , PhD Iowa State U., 2003
Prof. Dr.
Construction and Manufacturing Divison
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 117
E-Mail  bmavis@hacettepe.edu.tr
Room  A-314
Interest  Ceramic powder processing, advanced coatings and pigments, electrospinning, interface engineering of layered composites, tissue engineering

Barış Sabuncuoğlu, PhD Loughborough U., 2012 
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Mechanics Divison (Head)
Phone  (312) 297 6208
E-Mail  barissabuncuoglu@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page  //yunus.hacettepe.edu.tr/~barissabuncuoglu/
Room  A-313
Interest  Composite and Textile Materials, mechanical behavior of materials, solid mechanics, finite element analysis, micromechanical modeling

Bilsay Sümer, PhD Carnegie Mellon U., 2009
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Mechanics Divison
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 118
E-Mail  bsumer@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page  //yunus.hacettepe.edu.tr/~ounver/SensTech/home
Room  A-308
Interest  Contact mechanics and tribology , mechanical vibrations and acoustic, piezoelectric and thermoelectric energy harvesting systems, intelligent metarials and control, sensors and actuators, felxible electronics and robotics applications

Bora Yıldırım,  PhD Lehigh U., 2000
Prof. Dr.
Mechanics Divison
Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 116
Room  A-316
Interest  Fracture mechanics, finite element method


Kemal Bozkurt, Phd, Gazi U. 2021

Automotive Divison

Phone  (312) 297 6208 / 125
E-Mail  kemal@hacettepe.edu.tr
Web Page  //yunus.hacettepe.edu.tr/~kemal/
Room  A-420
Interest  Artificial intelligence, deep learning, image processing, electric machines, control, power electronics