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Research Projects
Department Administration

Chair: Prof.Dr. Engin TANIK

Vice Chairs: Prof.Dr. Volkan PARLAKTAŞ, Prof.Dr. Çağlar BAŞLAMIŞLI 

Uni-101 Coordinator
Assist.Prof.Dr. –Ing. Emir Kutluay

Summer Practice Coordinator
Assist. Prof. Dr.  Mehmet Nurullah Balcı

Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana Coordinator
Assist.Prof.Dr. Selçuk Himmetoğlu

Department Transfer Students Coordinator
Assist.Prof.Dr. Özgür Ekici

Preparation of Course Timetables and Research Assistant Workload Distributions
Assist.Prof.Dr. Selçuk Himmetoğlu

Müdek Secretariat