ANSYS Yapısal Analiz Uygulamaları
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Application of the Operational Modal Analysis Using the Independent Component Analysis for a Quarter Car Vehicle Model
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Advances in Acoustics and Vibration, 125-133, 2017

Articles Published in SCI Journals with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hacettepe University Address


The Design and Manufacturing Process of an Electric Sport Car (EVT S1) Chassis
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On the design of a novel fully compliant spherical four-bar mechanism
Author(s): V. Parlaktaş, E. Tanık, Ç. Merve Tanık
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Epidermal growth factor enhances spinal fusion: Posterolateral lumbar fusion model on rats
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Functional range of motion in the upper extremity and trunk joints: Nine functional everyday tasks with inertial sensors
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Investigation of adhesion and friction of an isotropic composite pillar
Author(s):T. Eray, I.M. Koc, B. Sumer
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Double frictional receding contact problem for an orthotropic layer loaded by normal and tangential forces
Author(s): B. YildirimK. B. Yilmaz, I. Comez, M. A. Guler
Meccanica (2019), DOI

Intelligent PD controller design for active suspension system based on robust model-free control strategy          
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Data-driven fixed-order H∞ controller synthesis in frequency domain: Closed-loop system approach
Author(s): Daş, E., Baslamisli, S.C., 
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Road profile identification using estimation techniques: Comparison between independent component analysis and Kalman filter,
Author(s):  Chaabane, M.M., Hassen, D.B., Abbes, M.S., Baslamisli, S.C., Chaari, F., Haddar, M.,
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Author(s): M.N. Balci and S. Dag
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Solution of the dynamic frictional contact problem between a functionally graded coating and a moving cylindrical punch
Author(s): M.N. Balci and S. Dag
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Soğuk ekstrüzyon prosesinin termo-mekanik bağlı sonlu elemanlar analizi ile incelenmesi
Author(s): Mehmet Okan Görtan, Osman Selim Türkbaş, Korhan Babacan Yılmaz, Bora Yıldırım
Gazi Üniversitesi Mühendislik Mimarlık Fakültesi Dergisi Dergipark,

Sliding frictional contact analysis of a monoclinic coating/isotropic substrate system
Author(s): K.B. Yilmaz , İ. Çömez , M.A. Güler , B. Yildirim
Mechanics of Materials 137 (2019) 103132

The effect of orthotropic material gradation on the plane sliding frictional contact mechanics problem
Author(s): K.B. Yilmaz , İ. Çömez , M.A. Güler and B. Yildirim
Journal of Strain Analysis, DOI: 10.1177/0309324719859110

Effect of Aging Heat Treatment on the High Cycle Fatigue Life of Ni 50.3 Ti 29.7 Hf 20 High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloy
Author(s): Hasan H. Saygili, H. Onat Tuğrul and Benat Kockar
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Combination effect pigments with enhanced fluorescence
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Process Modeling of an Automotive PEM Fuel Cell System
Author(s): Abdulrazzaq Akroot, Özgür Ekici and Murat Köksal
International Journal of Green Energy 2019,  16:10, Pages: 778-788;

Investigating the Effect of Medium Liquid Layer Circulation on Temperature Distribution in a Thermoelectric Generator Heat Exchanger Assembly
Author(s): Ali Amini, Özgür Ekici and Kenan Yakut
Journal of Energy Resources Technology 2019, Volume 141, Issue 4, Pages: 041902;

Fabrication, Morphology Analysis, and Mechanical Properties of Ti Foams Manufactured Using the Space Holder Method for Bone Substitute Materials
Author(s): Oktay Cetinel, Ziya Esen and Bora Yildirim
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Surface-to-bed heat transfer for high-density particles in conical spouted and spout-fluid beds
Author(s): Yaman Onur; Kulah Gorkem; Koksal Murat
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Detecting stability of conical spouted beds based on information entropy theory
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Road profile estimation using the dynamic responses of the full vehicle model
Author(s): Dorra Ben Hassen, Mariem Miladi, Mohamed Slim Abbes, S. Caglar Baslamisli, Fakher Chaari, Mohamed Haddar
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Road profile identification with an algebraic estimator
Author(s): Haddar, M., Baslamisli, S.C., Chaari, R., Chaari, F., Haddar, M.
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Author(s): Çömez İ, Yilmaz KB.
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On the plane frictional contact problem of a homogeneous orthotropic layer loaded by a rigid cylindrical stamp
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Synthesis and characterization of solvent-free hybrid alkyd resin with hyperbranched melamine core
Author(s):G. Gunduz, N. Keskin, U. Colak, B. Mavis
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Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Various Nanofibre Reinforced Bis-GMA/TEGDMA Based Dental Composite Resins
Author(s):N. Tokar, E. Tokar, B. Mavis, O. Karacaer
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Use of functionalized boehmite nanoparticles to improve the hardness and tribological properties of polyurethane films
By: Eroğlu, Gülden; Gündüz, Güngör; Çolak, Üner; Mavis, Bora
Journal of Polymer Research , 25(2), 42, 2018
Computational Invesigation of the Effect of Trough Height In a Tubular Solar Still on Distillate Productivity / Silindirik Bir Güneş Damıtma Sisteminin İç Hazne Yüksekliğinin Damıtım Miktarına Etkisinin Sayısal Olarak İncelenmesi
By: Ekici, Özgür
J. of Thermal Science and Technology, 38(1), 1-10, 2018

Design of a vibration-free platform: Stabilization of a beam mounted on bicycle model of a car.
By: Dogruer, C., & Yildirim, B.
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Novel compliant wiper mechanism
By: Karakuş, R. and Tanık, E
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A new correlation for minimum spouting velocity for conical spouted beds operating with high density particles
By: Golshan, Shahab; Yaman, Onur; Koksal, Murat; et al.
EXPERIMENTAL THERMAL AND FLUID SCIENCE   Volume: 96   Pages: 358-370   Published: SEP 2018

Dynamic frictional contact problems involving elastic coatings
By: Balci, Mehmet N.; Dag, Serkan
TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL   Volume: 124   Pages: 70-92   Published: AUG 2018

Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in a Lid-Driven Square Cavity Filled With Nanofluid: A Revisit
By: Ekici, Ozgur
JOURNAL OF HEAT TRANSFER-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME   Volume: 140   Issue: 7     Article Number: 072501   Published: JUL 2018
Frictional receding contact problem for a graded bilayer system indented by a rigid punch
By: Yilmaz, K. B.; Comez, I.; Yildirim, B.; et al.
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCES   Volume: 141   Pages: 127-142   Published: JUN 2018

Investigation of stress distributions in the resin rich region and failure behavior in glass fiber composites with microvascular channels under tensile loading
By: Al-Shawk, Ahmed; Tanabi, Hamed; Sabuncuoglu, Baris
COMPOSITE STRUCTURES   Volume: 192   Pages: 101-114   Published: MAY 15 2018

On the synthesis of a geared adjustable stroke mechanism
By: Parlaktas, Volkan
JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MECHANICAL DESIGN SYSTEMS AND MANUFACTURING   Volume: 12   Issue: 2     Article Number: 18-00026   Published: 2018

The effects of cold rolling and the subsequent heat treatments on the shape memory and the superelasticity characteristics of Cu73Al16Mn11 shape memory alloy
Authors: Babacan, Ni, Ma, J, Turkbas, OS, Karaman, I, Kockar, B.
SMART MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES   Volume: 27   Issue: 1   Published: JAN 2018


Alteration of friction force of a harmonically excited elastomeric pillar
Authors: Sumer, Bilsay; Eray, Turgay; Koc, Ilker Murat
TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL   Volume: 113   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 297-305   Published: SEP 2017

The undamaged tissue grasping in a laparoscopic surgical grasper via distributed pressure measurement
Authors: Sumer, Bilsay; Ozin, Mithat Can; Eray, Turgay; et al.
TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL   Volume: 113   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 330-337   Published: SEP 2017

The effect of dynamic aging on the cyclic stability of Cu73Al16Mn11 shape memory alloy
Authors: Babacan, N. Atli, K. C. Turkbas, O. S. Karaman, I, Kockar, B.

Monitoring of liquid sprayed conical spouted beds by recurrence plots
Authors: Savari, Chiya, Kulah, GorkemKoksal, Murat, Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Rahmat, Zarghami, Reza, Mostoufi, Navid. 
POWDER TECHNOLOGY   Volume: 316   Special Issue: SI   Pages: 148-156   Published: JUL 1 2017

Assignment of poles to a large-scale structure with state-feedback controllers in orthogonal subspaces
Authors: Dogruer, C. U.

Active vibration control of a single-stage spur gearbox
Authors: Dogruer, C. U.; Pirsoltan, Abbas K.
MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING   Volume: 85   Pages: 429-444   Published: FEB 15 2017

Synthesis of opaque and colored hollow polymer pigments
Authors: Karakaya, Ekin; Mavis, Bora; Gunduz, Gungor
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On the analytical and finite element solution of plane contact problem of a rigid cylindrical punch sliding over a functionally graded orthotropic medium
Author(s): Guler, MA; Kucuksucu, A; Yilmaz, K.B.; Yildirim, B.,
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3-D CFD Modeling and Experimental Testing of Thermal Behavior of a Li-Ion Battery
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An active force controlled laparoscopic grasper by using a smart material actuation
Authors: I.M. Koc, T. Eray, B. Sumer, N. Cerci
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Synthesis and characterization of multi-hollow opaque polymer pigments
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Early Detection of Agglomeration in Conical Spouted Beds Using Recurrence Plots
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Yanal Yol Tutuş Kararlılığı İçin Merkezi Diferansiyel Kontrolü Tabanlı Çekiş Torku Dağıtımı
Authors: Önder. E.T., Baslamıslı S.Ç
Gazi Üniversitesi Mühendislik-Mimarlik Fakültesi Dergisi , 31:3 , 491-500, 2016

Experimental validation and robustness analysis of a multiple model switching antilock braking system control algorithm 
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ADAP-TYRE: DEKF Filtering For Vehicle State Estimation Based On Tyre Parameter Adaptation
 Ahangarnejad A.H., Baslamıslı S.Ç
International J. of Vehicle Design, Vol.71, No.1/2/3/4, pp.52 - 74,  2016 

On the analysis of double wishbone suspension regarding steering input and anti-dive/lift effect
Authors: Engin Tanık, Volkan Parlaktaş
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Analysis and design of an underactuated compliant five-bar mechanism
Authors: Engin Tanık
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Particle Velocity, Solids Hold-Up, and Solids Flux Distributions in Conical Spouted Beds Operating with Heavy Particles
Authors: Kulah, Gorkem; Sari, Salih; Koksal, Murat
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Investigation of the Predicting Ability of Single-Phase Chemical Equilibrium Modeling Applied to Circulating Fluidized Bed Coal Gasification
Authors: Ekin Kaya; Murat Köksal
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A novel design method for underactuated variable oscillation mechanisms
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Design of a multiple-model switching controller for ABS braking dynamics
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Fully compliant spatial four-bar mechanism
Authors: Engin TanıkVolkan Parlaktaş


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 Parlaktas, Volkan; Tanık, Engin
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Validation of vehicle dynamics simulation models - a review
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A new sliding-mode controller design methodology with derivative switching function for anti-lock brake system
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Computational Methods for Inclined Cracks in Orthotropic Functionally Graded Materials Under Thermal Stresses
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A nonlinear sideslip observer design methodology for automotive vehicles based on a rational tire model
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Author(s): Koyuncu Kubra; Unal H. İbrahim; Gumus O. Yunus; Erol Ozlem; Sari Bekir and Ergin Turgay
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Three dimensional computational analysis of fatigue crack propagation in functionally graded materials
Author(s): Baris Sabuncuoglu, Dag Serkan , Yildirim Bora,
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Performance and exhaust emissions of a spark ignition engine with methanol blended gasoline fuels
Author(s): Saridemir Suat; Ergin Turgay

Characterization of gas-solid flow in conical spouted beds operating with heavy particles
Author(s): Sari Salih; Kulah Gorkem; Koksal Murat
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Position estimation for timing belt drives of precision machinery using structured neural networks
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Compliant Cardan Universal Joint
Author(s): Tanik EnginParlaktas Volkan
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Car seat design to improve rear-impact protection 
Author(s): Himmetoglu S.; Acar M.; Bouazza-Marouf K.; et al.

Handling stability improvement through robust active front steering and active differential control 
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Cellular Behavior on Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)-Immobilized PCL/Gelatin Nanofibrous Scaffolds 
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Author(s): Topuz Berna Burcu; Gunduz Gungor; Mavis Bora; et al.
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Strategy for Biomimetic Hybridization of Electrospun Fiber Mat Cross-sections
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Transmission angle in compliant slider-crank mechanism
Author(s): Tanik E
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Effects of operating and design parameters on the performance of a solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine system
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A new type of compliant spatial four-bar (RSSR) mechanism 
Author(s): Tanik E, Parlaktas V 
Source: MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY   Volume: 46   Issue: 5   Pages: 593-606   Published: MAY 2011 


Tankbot: A palm-size, tank-like climbing robot using soft elastomer adhesive treads 
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Outdoor mapping and localization using satellite images
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Analysis and design of a compliant variable stroke mechanism
Author(s): Tanik E., Soylemez E.
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On the synthesis of a geared four-bar mechanism
Author(s): Parlaktas V., Soylemez E., Tanik E.
Source: MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY   Volume: 45  Issue: 8   Pages: 1142-1152 Published: AUG 2010

Novel solutions for Global Urban Localization
Author(s): Dogruer C.U., Koku A.B., Dolen M.
Source: ROBOTICS AND AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS   Volume: 58   Issue: 5   Pages: 634-647 Published: MAY 31 2010

Effects of electrospinning process parameters on nanofibers obtained from Nylon 6 and poly (ethylene-n-butyl acrylate-maleic anhydride) elastomer blends using Johnson S-B statistical distribution function
Author(s): Biber E, Gunduz G, Mavis B., et al.
Source: APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING   Volume: 99   Issue: 2   Special Issue: Sp. Iss. SI   Pages: 477-487 Published: MAY 2010

Compatibility analysis of Nylon 6 and poly(ethylene-n-butyl acrylate-maleic anhydride) elastomer blends using isothermal crystallization kinetics
Author(s): Biber E, Gunduz G, Mavis B, et al.
Source: MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS   Volume: 122  Issue: 1 Pages: 93-101 Published: JUL 1 2010


Sliding frictional contact between a rigid punch and a laterally graded elastic medium
Author(s): Dag S, Guler MA, Yildirim B, et al.
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES   Volume: 46   Issue: 22-23   Pages: 4038-4053   Published: NOV 2009

Synthesis, characterization and osteoblastic activity of polycaprolactone nanofibers coated with biomimetic calcium phosphate
Author(s): Mavis B, Demirtas TT, Gumusderelioglu M, et al.
Source: ACTA BIOMATERIALIA   Volume: 5   Issue: 8   Pages: 3098-3111   Published: OCT 2009

Optimization of Speed Control Hump Profiles 
Author(s): Baslamisli SC, Unlusoy YS
Source: JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING-ASCE, Volume: 135, Issue: 5, Pages: 260-269, Published: MAY 2009

Buckling of an orthotropic graded coating with an embedded crack bonded to a homogeneous substrate 
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Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES, Volume: 46, Issue: 9, Pages: 1890-1900, Published: MAY 2009

Computation of Thermal Fracture Parameters for Inclined Cracks in Functionally Graded Materials Using Jk-Integral 
Author(s): Dag S, Yildirim B
Source: JOURNAL OF THERMAL STRESSES, Volume: 32, Issue: 5, Pages: 530-556, Published: 2009

Gain-scheduled integrated active steering and differential control for vehicle handling improvement Author(s): Baslamisli SC, Kose IE, Anlas G
Source: VEHICLE SYSTEM DYNAMICS, Volume: 47, Issue: 1, Pages: 99-119, Published: 2009


Global urban localization of an outdoor mobile robot with genetic algorithms
Authors: Dogruer, C.U., Koku, A.B., Dolen, M.
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Delamination of compressively stressed orthotropic functionally graded material coatings under thermal loading 
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Effect of staged air on heat transfer in circulating fluidized beds 
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Performance analysis of TRISO coated fuel particles with kernel migration 
Author(s): Gulol OO, Colak U, Yildirim B
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CFD simulation of gas-liquid contacting in tubular reactors 
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CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, Volume: 62, Issue: 24, Special Issue, Pages: 7151-7162, Published: DEC 2007

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Heat transfer in a pulsed bubbling fluidized bed 
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An equivalent domain integral method for fracture analysis of functionally graded materials under thermal stresses 
Author(s): Yildirim B
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Three dimensional fracture analysis of FGM coatings under thermomechanical loading 
Author(s): Yildirim B, Dag S, Erdogan E
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FRACTURE, Volume: 132, Issue: 4, Pages: 369-395, Published: APR 2005

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