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Author(s): Ma J.; Karaman I.; Kockar B.; et al.

Car seat design to improve rear-impact protection 
Author(s): Himmetoglu S.; Acar M.; Bouazza-Marouf K.; et al.

Handling stability improvement through robust active front steering and active differential control 
Author(s): Baslamisli S. Caglar; Kose I. Emre; Anlas Gunay
Source: VEHICLE SYSTEM DYNAMICS, Volume: 49, Issue: 5, Pages: 657-683, 2011

Cellular Behavior on Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)-Immobilized PCL/Gelatin Nanofibrous Scaffolds 
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JOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE-POLYMER EDITION, Volume: 22, Issue: 1-3 Pages: 207-223, Published: 2011

The effect of tin dioxide (SnO(2)) on the anatase-rutile phase transformation of titania (TiO(2)) in mica-titania pigments and their use in paint
Author(s): Topuz Berna Burcu; Gunduz Gungor; Mavis Bora; et al.
Source: DYES AND PIGMENTS  Volume: 90, Issue: 2, Pages: 123-128, AUG 2011

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Oleylamine-Oleic Acid Reduction and Its Use in Making Nanocable by Coaxial Electrospinning
Author(s): Cinar Simge; Gunduz Gungor; Mavis Bora; et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY , Volume: 11, Issue: 4, Pages: 3669-3679, APR 2011

Strategy for Biomimetic Hybridization of Electrospun Fiber Mat Cross-sections
Author(s): Mavis B
Source: Materials Science and Engineering C: Materials for Biological Applications, 31, 1357-1362, 2011.

Synthesis of Zirconium Tungstate-Zirconia Core-Shell Composite Particles
Author(s): Khazeni N., Mavis B., Gündüz G. and Çolak Ü., 
Source: Materials Research Bulletin, 46, 2025-2031, 2011.

Partially compliant spatial slider–crank (RSSP) mechanism
Author(s): Parlaktas V, Tanik E
Source: MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY   Volume: 46   Issue: 11   Pages: 1707-1718   Published: NOV 2011

Transmission angle in compliant slider-crank mechanism
Author(s): Tanik E
Source: MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY   Volume: 46   Issue: 11   Pages: 1623-1632   Published: NOV 2011

Effects of operating and design parameters on the performance of a solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine system
Author(s): Suther T, Fung AS, Koksal M, et al.
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESEARCH   Volume: 35   Issue: 7   Pages: 616-632   Published: JUN 2011

A new type of compliant spatial four-bar (RSSR) mechanism 
Author(s): Tanik E, Parlaktas V 
Source: MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY   Volume: 46   Issue: 5   Pages: 593-606   Published: MAY 2011 


Tankbot: A palm-size, tank-like climbing robot using soft elastomer adhesive treads 
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Outdoor mapping and localization using satellite images
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Role of severe plastic deformation on the cyclic reversibility of a Ti50.3Ni33.7Pd16 high temperature shape memory alloy
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Analysis and design of a compliant variable stroke mechanism
Author(s): Tanik E., Soylemez E.
Source: MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY   Volume: 45   Issue: 10   Pages: 1385-1394   Published: OCT 2010

On the synthesis of a geared four-bar mechanism
Author(s): Parlaktas V., Soylemez E., Tanik E.
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Novel solutions for Global Urban Localization
Author(s): Dogruer C.U., Koku A.B., Dolen M.
Source: ROBOTICS AND AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS   Volume: 58   Issue: 5   Pages: 634-647 Published: MAY 31 2010

Effects of electrospinning process parameters on nanofibers obtained from Nylon 6 and poly (ethylene-n-butyl acrylate-maleic anhydride) elastomer blends using Johnson S-B statistical distribution function
Author(s): Biber E, Gunduz G, Mavis B., et al.
Source: APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING   Volume: 99   Issue: 2   Special Issue: Sp. Iss. SI   Pages: 477-487 Published: MAY 2010

Compatibility analysis of Nylon 6 and poly(ethylene-n-butyl acrylate-maleic anhydride) elastomer blends using isothermal crystallization kinetics
Author(s): Biber E, Gunduz G, Mavis B, et al.
Source: MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS   Volume: 122  Issue: 1 Pages: 93-101 Published: JUL 1 2010


Sliding frictional contact between a rigid punch and a laterally graded elastic medium
Author(s): Dag S, Guler MA, Yildirim B, et al.
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES   Volume: 46   Issue: 22-23   Pages: 4038-4053   Published: NOV 2009

Synthesis, characterization and osteoblastic activity of polycaprolactone nanofibers coated with biomimetic calcium phosphate
Author(s): Mavis B, Demirtas TT, Gumusderelioglu M, et al.
Source: ACTA BIOMATERIALIA   Volume: 5   Issue: 8   Pages: 3098-3111   Published: OCT 2009

Optimization of Speed Control Hump Profiles 
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Source: JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING-ASCE, Volume: 135, Issue: 5, Pages: 260-269, Published: MAY 2009

Buckling of an orthotropic graded coating with an embedded crack bonded to a homogeneous substrate 
Author(s): Aloulou W, Yildirim B, El-Borgi S, et al.
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES, Volume: 46, Issue: 9, Pages: 1890-1900, Published: MAY 2009

Computation of Thermal Fracture Parameters for Inclined Cracks in Functionally Graded Materials Using Jk-Integral 
Author(s): Dag S, Yildirim B
Source: JOURNAL OF THERMAL STRESSES, Volume: 32, Issue: 5, Pages: 530-556, Published: 2009

Gain-scheduled integrated active steering and differential control for vehicle handling improvement Author(s): Baslamisli SC, Kose IE, Anlas G
Source: VEHICLE SYSTEM DYNAMICS, Volume: 47, Issue: 1, Pages: 99-119, Published: 2009


Global urban localization of an outdoor mobile robot with genetic algorithms
Authors: Dogruer, C.U., Koku, A.B., Dolen, M.
SPRINGER TRACTS in ADVANCED ROBOTİCS Volume: 44, pages: 103-112, Published: 2008

Delamination of compressively stressed orthotropic functionally graded material coatings under thermal loading 
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Effect of staged air on heat transfer in circulating fluidized beds 
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Performance analysis of TRISO coated fuel particles with kernel migration 
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CFD simulation of gas-liquid contacting in tubular reactors 
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Tanriverdi S, Mavis B, Gunduz G, et al.
Source: MATERIALS SCIENCE-POLAND   Volume: 25   Issue: 4   Pages: 957-968   Published: 2007


Heat transfer in a pulsed bubbling fluidized bed 
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An equivalent domain integral method for fracture analysis of functionally graded materials under thermal stresses 
Author(s): Yildirim B
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Three dimensional fracture analysis of FGM coatings under thermomechanical loading 
Author(s): Yildirim B, Dag S, Erdogan E
Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FRACTURE, Volume: 132, Issue: 4, Pages: 369-395, Published: APR 2005

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